Our Cattle

We would like to welcome everyone to our first annual Cache Valley Cannon Angus Bull Sale. We are building upon four generations of family legacy as we take a systematic approach with sound judgment, balanced eye appeal, and functional cattle that will thrive in our rigid conditions.

We select a variety of sires every year to introduce to our herd based on several key factors as we look for multi-trait excellence. Our sires excel on the measurable EPD traits, are sound, fertile and efficient. Multi-trait selection that also takes into account important economic factors is an important part of sire selection for our customers and ourselves. We pride ourselves on providing bulls for our customers now and in the future. We do not chase the latest fads; rather we believe in getting back to the basics of good footed, hearty cows that produce soggy calves year after year.

Our females are selected and bred for good maternal traits including deep ribbed, phenotype, udder quality, good footed, and docility. We plan to build a model Angus cow backed with performance and maternal traits so we can sell bulls that meet the commercial man’s needs. As always, we believe the Angus cow to be the most effective in the business, and the breed will continue to dominate the genetics of the commercial cow herd.

Our auction bulls have been ultra-sounded, fertility tested, and hand selected for their structural soundness and foot quality.